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Operated by Ryder’s logistics professionals, RyderShare? is the ultimate digital platform for real-time visibility and collaboration on all goods moving across the supply chain.


Key Values of RyderShare

Connect Everyone in the Supply Chain

RyderShare? provides a single, connected experience that unifies data and management systems for everyone in your supply chain to work better and more efficiently, together. RyderShare? provides proactive solutions that allow shippers, carriers, and service providers to easily see and act on exceptions across the supply chain journey from end-to-end, which eliminates waste and drives greater efficiencies. RyderShare? allows all stakeholders to communicate, collaborate, and make decisions on important shipments in real time. This eliminates multiple phone calls between multiple people that can take several hours or days to complete.

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Data Analytics for Continuous Improvement

Robust data analytics provides a complete repository of insights and a historical look back. Ryder operators, engineers, data scientists capture your operational data provided by the technology, analyze it, and create predictive analytics to diagnose and optimize your supply chain. This allows Ryder operators to proactively optimize and engineer your entire network, and provide predictive insights, as well as create new supply chain processes for continuous improvement.

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Business Intelligence & Insights

In addition to the visibility and collaboration platform, RyderShare? incorporates best-in-class business intelligence tools combined with a proprietary analytics solution, backed by a team of data scientists that apply predictive machine learning across supply chains. In addition, RyderShare? users receive a subscription to FTR, the leader in freight transportation intelligence. This exclusive content gives users the benefit of data-driven market insights across all transportation modes and industry verticals, as well as key trends and forecasts.

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